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Join me in Mount Laurel, NJ

LIFE Seminar - Creating Conscious Relationships - Weekend Retreat

October 9 - 11, 2020

If you are seeking skills to create deeper emotional intimacy in your relationships, including love, trust, boundaries, validation, acceptance and nurturing of yourself and others, and you are ready for a life-changing transformation to help you feel more safe, secure, heard and emotionally fulfilled, then join Tammy Skomorowski ~ Counsellor, Spiritual Life Coach and Meditation Teacher, for an empowering weekend of deep work to release negative, limiting beliefs and embrace your inner awareness and intuitive wisdom to create conscious relationships with the souls in your life.


Creating Conscious Relationships is a weekend retreat located in the picturesque Mount Laurel, New Jersey.  It is one of five exclusive retreats offered in the LIFE Seminar Retreat Series. To support your journey in creating permanent behavioural changes, the professionally trained LIFE instructors will provide a safe and supportive environment for you to experience clinically tested and energizing exercises.  You will experience small group activities and interactive demonstrations to support your growth in a caring and compassionate environment.  You will walk away with resources and friendships to support you long after you complete the retreat. 


The Creating Conscious Relationships LIFE Seminar is a life changing workshop that will teach you relationship mastery skills to create emotional intimacy, so you can feel safe, heard and emotionally fulfilled in all of your relationships. 


During this Seminar, you will experience miraculous transformations in your relationship mindset so your relationships can feel like the closest thing to heaven on earth!  


Your professionally trained LIFE Instructors will use exclusive training methods, energizing exercises and empowering transformational activities to help you make life-long changes and quickly improve the quality of your life.


Every step of your LIFE Seminar will increase your intuitive awareness about your inner Self to help you develop the Life Mastery Skills you need to achieve your personal and career goals.


LIFE Seminar’s empathic instructors will provide a safe, loving environment to help you create deep, long-lasting emotional bonds with other loving souls. 


Other LIFE Seminars include: Money Mastery, Parenting Mastery, Weight Mastery and Self-Parenting Mastery (boundaries, validation, self-nurturing & emotional intimacy).  Each dynamic seminar focuses on the most important life skills to live a successful, self-empowered LIFE.

HLC’s LIFE Seminars
 are Unconditionally Guaranteed

If an attendee completes an HLC conducted LIFE Seminar Weekend Experiential Intensive and you are not 100% satisfied HLC will refund your tuition - No Questions Asked!

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more about HLC.


For full LIFE Seminar details, click HERE.


Mount  Laurel, NJ Is Our Destination

Located just 16 miles from Philadelphia, Mount Laurel has parks, trails, wildlife, amusement parks, nature centers and an interactive science museum. The township was named for a hill covered with laurel trees.

Home to several historical landmarks, this relaxing serene community is contrasted by the bustling Philadelphia, Pennsylvania only a 30-minute drive away. Philly is home to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed and the iconic steps where Rocky Balboa did his famous victory pose. Can you hear Eye of the Tiger? Da-da-da-da-da-da-daaaa! That is YOU facing your inner demons and coming out victorious with healthier, happier, more loving and connected relationships.


Since this is a retreat, participants are encouraged to stay with us at the The Westin Mount Laurel, where we will learn and grow together. Share in the all-inclusive meals and Saturday Banquet dinner. Followed by the talent show. I'm super excited to get on stage and share my singing talents with you!


The Westin in Mount Laurel has a special reduced rate for this event, so be sure to mention HLC when booking. Hotel check-in: Friday October 9th, 4:00 p.m. EST. Reserve your discounted room today before they all fill up! 


Closest Airport

Philadelphia International Airport, Philadelphia.

This Seminar Is For You If ....

You want to ignite your inner motivation to go from “Maybe one day I will” to “I DID IT!”

You desire a transformational upgrade of your relationships and overall well-being.


You want to learn an important self-help SECRET—why affirmations alone, DON’T WORK.

Imagine Being In An Atmosphere Where You…

Notice your worry and hesitancy dissolve because you’ve entered a safe space of like-minded, spiritually conscious souls.

Experience interactive exercises that spark immediate paradigm shifts deep within your intuitive heart, which has the power to change your life forever.

Experience numerous “ah-hah” transformational moments that are self-empowering beyond words.

For full LIFE Seminar details, click HERE.

LIFE Seminar Ticket Includes:

• Four meals, tax and gratuity are INCLUDED

• Registration fees

• Relationship Mastery Workbook [provided at check-in]

• LIFE Seminar folder with handouts and worksheets [provided    at check-in]

• Banquet dinner on Saturday evening exclusively for LIFE attendees

• Hotel Room Reservations are NOT INCLUDED, click here for reservations


If you love our weekend retreat, let’s keep the vibe going and growing.  Join me at the LIFE Trainers Licensing 4-Day Course that follows your transformational growth. This licensing course will prepare you to offer the same Seminar in your own community; in our community. We could bring LIFE Seminar Retreats to Prince George and surrounding area.  You will learn empowering public speaking skills, leadership training and marketing strategies to support us in sharing the experience. You’ll receive all of the materials, support and legal rights to teach others the same proprietary clinical exercises that have changed you.  This program has helped me find the courage to be vulnerable and safe to develop compassion for myself and deeper intimacy with others.  It’s made such a life-changing difference for me, I want to share it with you.  Together we can bring this transformational program to our community. Join me and the team! Learn more HERE.


I'd love for you to join me on this life changing retreat! If you have questions or require more information, please don't hesitate  to drop me a line:

250.614.3737 or

Or for registration, you can contact Holistic Learning Center directly at:

1.888.452.0878 or

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