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Honour Your Spirit

What a special weekend this has been! This past weekend was the 2nd full moon of October which makes it a Blue Moon.  

A Blue Moon on Halloween and on All Saints Day feels auspicious.

Halloween is the “hallowed eve”, the holy evening leading into All Souls Day or All Saints Day. During this time, it is said that “the veil is thin”. This celebration marks the transition into the darker, quiet time of year and the transition from the living into the spirit world. This is when the veil between the human world and spirit world is thinnest.

Many years ago, I had the honour of being in Mexico for All Souls Day. It was comforting to see the respect, celebration and honour that was given for loved ones who’ve crossed over.  

During this time, give some attention and spread some love to your own loved ones who’ve crossed over.  Mourn them. Celebrate them. Honour them. Respect their memory.  

Or, in commemoration of All Saints Day, give the same attention and respect to honour the qualities of a Saint that resonates for you.  

I’m honouring St. Martin de Porres. Not just because he is the patron saint of hairdressers, but there is a deeper story behind this. I’ll save that story for another time.  

You can also make these celebrations personal. Recognize and honour those aspects of yourself that have served you well, but now you are choosing to shed them. 

I’m thankful for my perfectionism and hard work that has gotten me this far in life… AND…. I am releasing these qualities for a softer, slower, more quite pace of life.  

How will you celebrate?  

All Souls Day is technically on Monday, Nov 2nd, so you have time to honour both your own spirit and the spirit of others.  

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