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May 5th to June 17th, 2020

Mindfulness and meditation practices can be incorporated into any of the above services. Classes are available throughout the year. Check this site often for upcoming events.

Self-Care Mindfulness Relaxation

The Self-Care Mindfulness Relaxation course offers participants mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) strategies including grounding and breathing techniques, mind-body awareness, mindfulness skills and relaxation strategies. Classes will also include guided visualization and techniques to help you integrate these lessons into your everyday life.

Learn practical skills to reduce tension, stress, anxiety, depression and physical ailment. Improve sleep and cognitive functioning (ie, clear thinking, problem solving, memory and decision making). Improve mood, energy and relationships. Develop an increased overall sense of well-being.


For more information: 250-614-3737

For registration: 250-960-5980 

UNBC Continuing Education

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