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Are you ready to embrace your deep healing journey and unlock your fullest potential? Welcome to ~ True S3lf ~ where spirituality meets deep, transformational counselling. 

As a Registered Therapist, Ancient Wisdom Spiritual Life Coach, and Meditation Teacher, it's my mission to help you navigate life's stressors and cultivate meaningful relationships starting with your relationship with yourself... so you can bring your best and create the life that you deserve. 


Ancient Secrets Meditation 

Escape the Self-Judgment Sh*t Storm

4 Transformational Steps to Release Anxiety & Create Inner Peace

Tammy Skomorowski, MEd, CCC, CSLC

Registered Therapist, Spiritual Life Coach,
Meditation Teacher

Tammy Skomorowski is a Canadian Certified Counsellor & Certified Spiritual Life Coach specializing in individual, couples and family therapy.  She is the sole proprietor of True S3lf: Wellness for Mind, Body & Spirit located in beautiful Prince George, BC. 

With over 30 years experience in the helping profession, Tammy has worked with people from every walk of life. She holds degrees in psychology, socio-cultural anthropology, teacher education, guidance studies & counselling, as well as advanced certification in Spiritual Life Coaching.  She completed her Masters of Education in Counselling at the University of Northern British Columbia in 1998 and has been in practice as a Canadian Certified Counsellor for 20 years. 

Through her education, training and experience, Tammy has specialized in mental health counselling supporting people with stress, depression, anxiety, relationships, grief & loss, and life transition.  Her passion for education can be seen in her 15 years working in education both as a counsellor and as a teacher.  Tammy has taught everything from primary to post-secondary education, including work in the alternative education system.  She continues this passion through her work as an instructor at the College of New Caledonia and the University of Northern British Columbia, and through the meditation classes and workshops that she teaches.   

Tammy is a caring, genuine and engaging therapist. She supports clients in a strengths-based approach to recognize and utilize their strengths and strategies that people already have.  She integrates complementary methods and techniques such as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness strategies (MBSR), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), positive psychology and many others, to offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each client. Tammy brings genuine compassion and understanding with each individual to help you build on your strengths and attain the personal growth you are committed to achieving. 

Tammy is an active member and co-founder of The Best Life Network. The mission of this group of counsellors and life coaches is to help people bring their best self forward to contribute to a connected and healthy community.  Tammy is most honoured and committed to journeying with her clients and supporting you to tap into your "True S3lf".

Meet Tammy


Spiritual Life Coaching

This simple, cute logo comes steeped in deep meaning.  


The frog symbolizes change, communication and connection. 


The frog symbolizes change or transformation, in the way that it metamorphosizes from a tadpole, slowly growing, changing, adapting and transforming into a frog.  Unlike the caterpillar that turns to mush in a cocoon before it emerges as a butterfly, the frog maintains a physical form but slowly changes over time. The same way that we change, slowly growing and adapting through our life lessons, challenges and transitions. 


In many cultures, the frog symbolizes communication. In traditional Haida art, the frog is often found sharing its tongue in exchange of knowledge and power, supporting other creatures to access their own inner abilities and strengths. The frog's song is believed to contain divine power and magic, representing the common ground or voice of the people. One song (uni - verse).


The frog symbolizes connection, not just through it's voice, but also in it's life.  Living in two worlds, on land and in water, this creature connects the physical and the spiritual planes, traversing and inhabiting both the natural and supernatural realms. The frog is one of the primary spirit helpers of Shamans.  


The logo shows a frog in the form of a figure 8.  The number eight represents harmony, balancing the material/ physical world with the immaterial/ spiritual world.  In this balance comes order and peace.  The eight is the upright infinity symbol ∞ which signifies limitlessness or eternity, recognizing the boundless potential of all of us.  


The number 3 found in True S3lf, is not a typo!!  It was chosen because it represents mind, body and spirit.  The number three is often thought of as the number of the divine or the sacred, it is thought to be auspicious -- think Holy Trinity, the Three Treasures of Daoism, Three Jewels of Buddhism, make three wishes, three tests of the hero. In numerology it is the number of inspiration, creativity, joy, kindness and compassion.

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