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COVID-19 Challenges: 4 Ways to Navigate & Learn from Crisis

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COVID-19 Challenges: 4 Ways to Navigate and Learn from Crisis

What a long strange journey it has been. And, we aren’t done yet. The past few months have been one hell’uva ride. With so much fear, hardship, pain and change, you might be experiencing increased anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, sleep issues and stress.  

When crisis hits, its common to come face to face with old habits and patterns that just are not working anymore. Between exhaustion, numbness and overwhelming feelings, it is super typical to feel like you are “not your regular self”.  

Crisis however can be a great opportunity for change, growth and renewal. Since old patterns are more likely to come to the surface, this is opportunity for celebration not aggravation. If you are willing to look at the things that are coming up for you, the things that are not working and if you are willing to remain open to learning and gaining deeper awareness into these patterns, your newfound insights can set you free.  

4 ways to navigate and learn from crisis:

1. Keep life in perspective: Yes, there is a pandemic happening. And, yes it feels like life might be falling apart, and yet you get up each day and persevere. Of course you need to be aware of what is happening in the world AND it is important to remember the things that make you happy. What is ONE thing that brings you joy in your day? Is it that first cup of coffee, time with your child, loved one or fur-baby? Perhaps its time out in nature. Find ONE thing each day that brings you joy.

2. Keep your body healthy: Everyone knows the importance of rest, healthy regular meals, and exercise. And yet, are you taking care of your body? Your body houses your soul and if you don’t take care of your body, everything else is a struggle. What is ONE thing you will do TODAY (not tomorrow, today) to contribute to the physical health that you deserve?

3. Keep socially connected: Yes, you heard me. Stay connected, even if it is over the phone, FaceTime or from a healthy 6-foot distance. Social connection is known to decrease anxiety and depression and improve physical, emotional, and mental health. Social connection can decrease stress and improve self perspective. Who is one person you are willing to connect with TODAY, via by phone, in-person or on FaceTime? 

4. Keep calm: Slow down. Let go of unnecessary and time-consuming activities that don’t bring you true joy. Create space to just BE. Space for contemplation and reflection to allow for rest and creativity to spring forth. Only in the calm can you recognize the life lessons in the patterns that surface. Where in your day are you willing to give yourself 20 whole minutes, just for YOU and no one else?

If you would like support with any of these strategies, or to look at the old patterns that might be coming up for you, I’m available to support you and your growth during this time of uncertainty and change. Counselling and spiritual life coaching is available over the phone, via zoom video conferencing or in-person. Or, if you just want to connect, be sure to follow me on Facebook.

You can also book an online appointment HERE.



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