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4 Transformational Steps to Release Anxiety & Create Inner Peace

If you’re feeling sh*tty about a situation, event, another person or yourself, download my FREE Self-Compassion Workbook. It'll help you to understand and release negative feelings and stuck beliefs. 

This workbook will help you: 

  • Stop the emotional sh*t storm in its tracks 

  • Uncover why you feel the way you do 

  • Identify thoughts and patterns that keep you stuck 

  • Learn 4 powerful steps to validate your feelings 

  • Build self-trust, unconditional acceptance, and deep, meaningful connection 

  • Learn to transform big emotions into self-awareness wins 

Once you sign up, you will be added to my True S3lf Newsletter. Every week or 2, you'll receive inspirational blogs, helpful worksheets, soothing meditations, and information about upcoming events, educational classes, supportive services and fun offerings. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

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